Cloud Data Management

We Specialise in: Supporting, training and consulting to clients with multiple Data Management requirements.


Backup is the activity of copying data in the event of the original being lost, stolen or damaged. Backup has become a routine part of business operations, regardless of size – and is available as an on a cloud or cloud hybrid solution.


Data archiving occurs when data is kept for long term storage. The data might not be in everyday use but may need to be accessed occasionally or at any given time. It allows important information to be stored in safe locations, thus allowing it to be used whenever it is needed. Archiving is typically used where data needs to be stored for compliance purposes.


Replication involves sharing information so that consistency between redundant resources is maintained so as to improve reliability, fault-tolerance, or accessibility. Data replication provides trusted data synchronisation and availability which enables efficient data growth. Data replication is ideal for multi-site workload distribution and continuous availability.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery encompasses protecting an organisation’s data from the effects of any significantly negative event.  Disaster Recovery is the process executed by the organisation in order to recover access to their software, data, and/or hardware, which is needed to perform normal, critical business functions after a disaster. This needs to be quick and efficient so as to allow for minimal downtime.

File Analysis

File Analysis is defined as a comprehensive and actionable map of an organisation’s unstructured data, access rights and ownership. File Analysis gives you a window into the characteristics of your data and is highly efficient at providing central visualisation and control of massive volumes of unstructured data in incredibly short timeframes.


Data Discovery and Search capabilities allows end-users and compliance officers to search for data across computers and supported applications to find the information they need to perform their job functions

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